On Uncertainty

I read a daily quote from one of those daily-quote-books you can find at any large bookstore, and the one for today said:

The only thing that makes life possible is permanent, intolerable uncertainty: not knowing what comes next.

Ursla K. Le Guin

I read through once, then another time. And I don’t agree. 

Perhaps my resistance is mainly because I tend to anticipate the worst; it takes conscious effort for me to think about what good may come. Or it may be because of the circumstances under which I read the quote: the COVID-19 pandemic has rendered everything about daily life, let alone the future, uncertain. That’s something we’ve all had to learn to live with. Plus, the looming presidential election doesn’t help my sense of impending doom.

And quite frankly, I’m sick of it. I’m tired. I’m exhausted. I’m completely and utterly worn out.

I’m one of those people who thrives on knowing what’s coming, who gets incredibly anxious when left in a state of enduring not-knowing. While the quote certainly has some merit, if one approaches it from the mindset of looking toward all the good that the future may very well bring, I do not believe that it is that uncertainty that makes life livable on a daily basis. Not for me, not at this time. Perhaps another year.

What does the quote bring up for you? Leave a comment and let’s discuss!

Photo by Leo Cardelli from Pexels

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