Isolation Stories Episode #3: The Fourth of July

A conversation, via Zoom.

I sit at the white tile counter at the edge of the kitchen, water pitcher to one side, plants to the other. I open my computer and pull up the only way I communicate with people other than Mom face-to-face these days: Zoom. My two girlfriends’ heads pop onto my screen. I smile and greet them. We chat.

The Sri-Lankan: Tomorrow is Independence Day, right?

The Americans: Yes.

The Sri-Lankan: So, I don’t know a lot about this history–

The Minnesotan: Watch Hamilton!

[Giggles, all around.]

The Sri-Lankan: Who did you get independence … from?

The Americans: The British.

The Sri-Lankan, laughing: So, the people fighting for independence were British descendants, and they were fighting themselves … ?

Me, equally confused: Yeah … 

The Sri-Lankan: When people fight for independence, they were usually there before. In Sri Lanka, we were colonized by the British, too, but the people who now celebrate independence were on the land before the British came. [Americans nod.] This is crazy. The British fought themselves! 

[Laughter, all around.]

End scene.

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Photo by Designecologist from Pexels

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