Isolation Stories Episode 1: Oreos and Milk

Miracles truly do happen, even if those miracles are mushy rather than perfectly soaked.

Oreos and milk are the best together. Don’t waste your energy trying to convince me otherwise. I didn’t think so for a long time, but the combination now has extremely positive connotations for me — something about girlfriends and celebrating years ago — but that’s another story. This story takes place on the screened-in porch of The Grandparents’ old house, back when I was still counting how long I’d been in isolation with Mom instead of in my dorm room on campus because of COVID-19.

So we were sitting on the porch, and there between us sat a pile of four Oreos and two glasses of milk. Now, while I was in the middle of eating my first Oreo, having dipped it in my milk just long enough for it to get soaked but not mushy, Mom distracted me with the loud and off-key singing that frequently erupts from her lungs. I started laughing, and next thing I knew, the rest of my Oreo was gone! I resigned myself to having eaten it distractedly sometime during my laughing fit. What a tragedy. After all, when one has only two Oreos, one had best savor every bite.

Sobered by disappointment, I drank a few sips of milk. The birds chirped from the woods behind the porch. The Dog strolled over, stretched himself out on the mat in front of us, and promptly fell asleep. I reached for my second Oreo. Dipped it in my milk. Swished it around so it would become adequately soaked. And what do I find but … a lump. Not exactly the kind of thing you want to find in your glass of milk, so I fished it out with my Oreo and what was it but the lost last bite of my first Oreo! Miracles truly do happen, even if those miracles are mushy rather than perfectly soaked. 

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