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a penny from heaven

i was sad tonight. missing Daddy. wishing he were here. not so i could say anything not so we could do anything. just to have him close. this afternoon i was walking up the porch to the front door. i felt something hit the back of my leg. i turned around. a penny was sitting… Continue reading a penny from heaven

Forgiveness: the beginnings

I yearn for control over the whole situation, and I think that I was hoping forgiveness would bring that control. Would bring freedom from the intense anger, and the sadness, and the hurt — oh the hurt — when I think of them, when I hear their names, when I see one or the other across a coffee shop at some point in the future. … Continue reading Forgiveness: the beginnings

On Growing Up

I can’t help but marvel at how many years I’ve already spent on Earth. I know 20 isn’t old, but when you’ve never been older than a teenager, it sounds old. The age on my tongue feels older than I can possibly be. The signing makes me feel older than I can possibly be. And yet, here I am.… Continue reading On Growing Up